The power of Roucou oil and other exceptional oils: Top-rated hair products

Roucou oil is one of the most exotic and least known oils. Roucou oil content in the product instantly raises its prestige. Roucou Oil often intrigues – the name sounds exotic, it is not broadly known, but it has an impressive composition and properties. The fans of cosmetic newcomers will definitely eager to buy a product with a mysteriously sounding name and it will not be a failed choice: Roucou oil is an oil with strong anti-oxidant properties. It is also a great shampoo and hair conditioner supplement. Nevertheless, it works best when applied to the scalp and hair in its pure version. Roucou contains a range of amino acids, magnesium, phosphorus, that contribute to reinforcing hair follicles and facilitate growing strong, healthy and resilient hair. Also, it abounds in beta-carotene (there is 100 times more than in carrots). The product regenerates hair structure and boosts its growth. Thanks to the power of nutrients, Roucou oil prevents hair thinning, inhibits greying (stimulates the production of melanin). Additionally, it has soothing effects on the scalp: prevents irritations, soothes them, helps to overcome dandruff and prevents excessive oiliness. Roucou oil makes combing and detangling easier, helps tame unruly strands and enhances the shine as well as prevents frizz and static. It is very popular among native South Americans: that’s where it has been used as an insect repellent and a product responsible for protecting the skin and hair from harmful sun radiation.

Natural oils are a true blessing for hair. They do not have to be exotic or not well-known. The most crucial thing when it comes to selecting natural oils for hair care is to pay attention how the were obtained. A good quality oil must be cold-pressed and unrefined. Also, it is important that they are properly combined in a cosmetic. Proper blends of oils will bring more benefits than an oil on its own. Why? This way, oils complement one another and enhance their precious properties.

Below, there is a list of the best, most effective and highest-quality hair care oils. It is really worth introducing them into your daily routines in order to enjoy beautiful, healthy and strong hair full vitality and shine.

Nanoil Hair Oil

Best oil for hair with roucou oil - NanoilYou will not pass by the cosmetic indifferently. It is an innovative, comprehensive product that spectacularly regenerates hair. It is free of silicones and parabens, instead, you receive a product full of a variety of high-quality natural oils. Apart from improving the looks and condition of your hair, Nanoil also stimulates the follicles, which results in inhibiting hair loss and boosting hair growth. The hair gains volume, thickness while the inner hair structures are rebuilt. Moreover, Nanoil comprises a set of active substances, such as silk, panthenol, keratin, lanolin. Such substances are the means in the fight for beautiful hair. What is more, the oil comes in three versions, each matches different type of hair porosity. Therefore, the compositions vary. If you were to enumerate all oils used in the cosmetics, you would come up with a list of 16 different ones. Such number of high-quality, cold-pressed, natural oils determines the high class of the product. Nanoil comprises the best balance of natural oils: starting with the popular ones of exceptional properties (Coconut oil, Argan oil, Castor oil, Jojoba oil, Macadamia oil, Avocado oil) to the unique and exotic ones (Maracuja oil, Babassu oil, Monoi oil, Marula oil, Cotton Seed oil). Combined in one product, the oils provide extraordinary power and enhance the effects of one another. In consequence, they regenerate the hair, the scalp and the hair bulbs. When applied to the scalp, Nanoil does not cause any irritations, on the contrary, it heals, soothes and improves all processes occurring on the surface.

Davines Oi OIL Absolute Beautifying Potion With Roucou Oil

Davines Oi OIL Absolute Beautifying Potion With Roucou OilNow is the time to focus on the hero of the article – Roucou oil. It has become a favourite of the Davines brand. Oi OIL Absolute Beautifying Potion is a hair oil that has the function of beautifying the strands, giving a glow and protecting its structure during styling or blow-drying. Davines Oi Oil Hair Oil contains the extract of Achiote (Bixa orellana), the already discussed Roucou oil, and Sunflower oil that prevents dehydrating. The oils repair the internal structures of the hair and make sure that the sulphide bonds inside them are not damaged. A new generation of synthetic oils from the Davines Oi Oil are responsible for the protection of the outer layer of the hair, its brilliance and elasticity. They form a microscopic coating on the surface of the hair that not only provides shine but also prevents toxins from penetrating into the hair. As a result, the strands do not become damaged so easily and are protected from harmful UV rays. Davines Oi Oil can be applied to both damp hair after washing and to dried strands. However, remember that this product is not suitable to use on the scalp.

ALTERNA – Kendi Oil Ultimate Frizz Control Pure Treatment Oil for Thick & Coarse Hair

Kendi Oil Ultimate Frizz Control Pure Treatment Oil for Thick Coarse HairAlterna Hair Oil is a multitasking preparation that has been developed for hair that is excessively frizzy and unruly. Kendi Oil Ultimate Frizz Control is designed to tame and control hair that has become excessively dry, often static, and is prone to frizz in excessive humidity. The presence of natural oils (Jojoba, Buriti, Wheat Germ and Grape Seed Oil) and extract of young shoots of Bamboo make Kendi Oil a great remedy for hair. It does not only facilitate styling but also nourishes and regenerates the internal hair structures. However, remember that it is not suitable for the scalp, but certainly will be a great preparation for daily conditioning and hair polishing. Simply apply it to dry or damp hair halfway down the length. Alterna Kendi Oil Ultimate Frizz Control can also be used only on the ends of the hair to protect them from damage and splitting and to provide with a healthy, beautiful look.