Roucou’s rival: Nanoil Argan Oil. Remedy for damaged hair and more

Exotic, unique and highly effective in the fight against wrinkles and weak hair. Surely, roucou oil equals prestige and high class hair care. However, as a consumer, you must stay conscious to prevent the exoticism combined with high price form determining your choice and approach concerning natural oils.

If you think for a while, it may appear that the best solution is closer than it may seem to be, that it’s waiting at your fingertips. Try using the highest quality argan oil – no matter if you want to treat the skin or hair. And the highest quality is offered by Nanoil, which is 100% argan of the finest and certified quality. Find out why argan oil is able to beat even such a strong and exotic opponent like roucou oil when it comes to being the best weapon to win gorgeous appearance.

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Undoubtedly, argan oil is now the most popular beauty oil worldwide, and there are a few reasons for that. Namely, it treats and conditions all skin and hair types equally effectively. Extraction of this oil is considered as rather costly – and this is what connects both oils, argan and roucou. In order to obtain one liter of the oil, kernels picked up from 5-6 argan trees are required, which is one of the factors influencing – and obviously increasing – the price of the oil. The good news is that apart from appearing costly, argan oil isn’t only cheaper when compared to roucou oil but also the effects delivered are more satisfying.

nanoil argan kernel oilIt’s worth realizing that the vast regions of argan forests are included into UNESCO Biosphere Reserves list. Also, scientists are continuously doing researches on argan oil to learn all its benefits for health and beauty. Reportedly, there is no other so well-examined natural oil than argan oil, therefore when certified and genuine, it makes a truly precious beauty product.

Natural argan oil is one of the most nutrient-rich (it contains over 100 active substances) oils being currently produced. The optimal EFAs ratio makes it the cosmetic ideal. Just a word of warning: while choosing argan oil, make sure that it is unrefined, cold-pressed and certified.

Interested in learning which natural argan oil is cost-effective? This is Nanoil Argan Oil. Keep reading to find out why it’s recognized as the finest and what effects on skin and hair it offers.


  • Essential fatty acids in argan oil include: omega-6 linoleic acid and omega-9 oleic acid. Their balance makes argan oil perfectly suitable to treat all skin and hair types.
  • Plant sterols (phytosterols) – building blocks of cell membrane, stimulate collagen and elastin synthesis, delay skin ageing processes.
  • Flavonoids – antioxidants that sweep away free radicals.
  • Fatty acid esters (triglycerides) – help vitamins penetrate all skin layers.
  • Vitamin E (including β-, γ- and δ-tocopherol) – argan oil has more vitamin E than roucou oil, hence better protection against ageing.
  • Squalene – a constituent of lipid layer of skin, it conditions hair and balances sebum secretion, maintains skin quality and good-looks.
  • β-Carotene – has a skin enhancing effect; both oils are rich beta-carotene.
  • Polyphenols – display a strong antioxidant effect, detoxify skin, reinforce nails and hair; are found crucial in treating mature skin type.


Nanoil Argan Oil is the purest, 100% organic, unrefined oil free from synthetic substances and additives. It’s cold-pressed and received Ecocert certification. All of this proves that Nanoil Argan Oil isn’t only carefully extracted but also its quality is really high – these are the very distinctive features of the world’s most popular natural oil.


Nanoil Argan Oil prevents wrinkles, sweeps away free radicals, moisturizes and regenerates, makes hair and skin soft. Obviously, this is an all-natural product and can be used to boost the appearance of hair and skin (face and body) – it offers complete body and hair care.

mini nanoil argan oil for hair kernelsFurthermore, argan oil plays in tune with keratin layer of hair. This beauty oil creates a film on hair surface and penetrates deeply where it starts fixing all hair-related problems. Argan oil displays highly regenerating properties and is nutrient-rich. It takes a good care of skin, hair, nails, eyebrows and eyelashes. Argan Oil accelerates hair growth, combats hair thinning, prevents dandruff relapse, fights back acne, reduces wrinkles, and improves the state of skin overnight.

Moreover, argan oil for hair and skin by Nanoil is light, efficient and absorbs quickly without leaving the actual oily sensation. It blends with other natural oils easily, can be used as a constituent of homemade beauty products or can be added to store-bought products to boosts their effect.


First and foremost, this genuine and natural substance is perfect to be used in hair oil treatment. Apart from that, Nanoil Argan Oil can be used in the form of a hair mask and scalp conditioner. You can leave it for 30 minutes or even overnight and then remove with a shampoo, dry and style hair as usual.

As mentioned above, Nanoil Argan Oil is a good enhancing agent to be added to balms and hair conditioners. It can replace serum for splitting ends and is potent enough to improve the looks of hair in 15 minutes. You can apply it to dry hair before washing.

Again, Nanoil Argan Oil is a multi-tasking beauty product that is perfectly suitable to be used to treat skin, nails and face – the effects created are more satisfying than the ones delivered by exotic roucou oil. This makes argan oil the cosmetic ideal that wins the top places in various cosmetic rankings. Also, Nanoil Argan Oil receives favorable reviews from its users worldwide. All of this helps Nanoil Argan Oil outrun such a strong antioxidant that the red roucou oil definitely is.

Interested? Visit the official Nanoil website to learn more.

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