Davines OI Oil with roucou oil. Quick hair repair

If your hair is frizzy, damaged, dry and hard to style, try out Davines OI Oil with roucou oil. You will see an excellent and effective action of the product at the very beginning of the treatment. You will be pleasantly surprised by the effects.

hair-care.jpgDavines OI Oil is recommended for all hair types. It contains a valuable ingredient – roucou oil which is extracted from the seeds of Achiote tree. How does the product work? It protects hair from UV radiation, heat produced by styling tools, environmental pollution and other damaging external factors. What is more, Davines OI Oil provides antioxidant action and fights off free radicals. It stops hair loss, strengthens hair bulbs, prevents premature greyness and conditions the scalp. It excellently smooths your strands, delivers natural shine and makes hair soft to the touch. If you use Davines OI Oil regularly, brushing and styling will become much easier and quicker. The light formula doesn’t cause overburdening or greasy scalp. Blow-drying takes up much less time. Hair ends are repaired and moisturised.

What does Davines OI Oil contain?

The most important ingredient is roucou oil which contains beta-carotene, natural antioxidants and lots of vitamins. It defines hair colour, protects hair during colourisation, enhances production of melanin and neutralises free radicals. It rebuilds hair structure, prevents premature ageing of the scalp and hinders damage of cells caused by UV radiation. Davines OI Oil also contains a blend of other oils which include silicones that create a protective layer on hair. Consequently, blow-drying, straightening and other styling treatments won’t damage your hair. Heat styling will be perfectly safe.

How to use Davines OI Oil?

Match the amount to the length and thickness of your hair. One drop of Davines OI Oil is enough to moisturise and tame fine hair. Apply it to your hands, rub between palms and apply to dry or clean and damp strands. Start at mid-lengths; remember about hair ends. If your hair is thick and dense, apply more. Remember not to rinse the cosmetic. Blow-dry or style your hair right after the application. There is no need to apply it to the scalp.

Davines OI Oil

You will be encouraged to buy the product not only by the ingredients (including roucou oil). Application, efficiency and formula of the product are as important. Davines OI Oil comes in a 50 ml atomiser bottle which is made of a colourless material so you can see how much you have used up. The product allows for a long hair beautifying treatment. Davines OI Oil has a light consistency (just like roucou oil), delicate fragrance and light yellow colour. It is widely available – you can buy it at some hair salons and online.